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Dumpster Rental in Orlando Florida

We Have Three Available Dumpster Sizes

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Welcome to Eco Waste Management

Eco Waste Management the first and last service on the scene of all renovation roofing restoration disaster rescue. We provide professionalism and economically removing waste. Whether damage debris specialist even simple projects as garage clean out. Servicing commercial projects merging our waste removable expertise with central Florida largest roofing companies. General contractor typically partner with US eco waste dumpster because of our quick turnaround times. Dumpster rental never been this simple to rent.

Orlando Tampa Lakeland Lake Wales Lake Alfred Kissimmee poinciana and surrounding cities. Our google rating 4.5 or higher make sure you’re choosing the right company for your waste need. Eco Waste dumpster rental in central Florida is not the typical waste company we also process our waste to make sure recyclable waste never touches our Polk or Orange county land fills. Our roll off dumpster are delivered to the destination of your choice by fuel efficient vehicle. Leaving the lowest about of global foot print as possible. Dumpster rental in your area best choose is always eco waste management.

All Dumpster for roofing add $150 for all roofing waste


About Us

Overfill garage

My name is David and upon successful completion of service in The United States Marine Corps, I began my career as a business owner. As a Marine, I was taught many leadership principles, among those that I practice in my business are:


Uprightness of character and soundness of moral principles; includes the qualities of truthfulness and honesty.


The certainty of proper performance of duty.


The display of sincere interest and exuberance in the performance of duty.Please feel free to give me a call or email and I look forward to serving you.

Semper Fi,



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Overfill garage
5 star

“Thanks, David for the excellent service. The dumpster was dropped off exactly when I needed it and was picked up the day after I finished. Price was the best I found and the equipment and service were top-notch. Don’t hesitate to use this company. Highly recommended.”

“Thank you, David, for your outstanding and prompt customer service. I can’t recommend this company enough to do David his propers. Easy call-in service, Affordable pricing. Excellent!!! Excellent!! Small business with customer service for the core mission. A hard-working man who works until the job is finished. Again, thank you, David.”


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Are We Licensed & Insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed & insured

Do You Accept Hazardous Materials?

Hazardous materials not accepted such as tires /paint or excessive amounts of concrete or dirt, metal objects, or appliances. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

  • Cash Or Credit Cards Accepted
  • 4% Convenience Fee For Credit Cards
  • Payment Is Due On Delivery COD

Do You Offer Multiple Dumpster Rentals?

Multiple Dumpster Delivery Available For Larger Jobs

What Fees Are Included With My Rental?

All Dump Fees & Trip Charges Are Included. No Extra Surcharges Including Fuel!

What is Your Rental Time Period & Current Fees?

Standard Rentals Are 7 Days


Overfill garage

Call Or Text 24/7 To Schedule Appointments

Mailing Address

4530 S. Orange Blossom Trail #957
Orlando, FL 32839

Call Us

(407) 519-3969

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Working Hours

Mon-Sun: 6am - 9pm

    Junk Removal Orlando Florida

    EC Waste Management

    Overfill garage

    If you have junk removal Orlando Florida, give us a call today! We all have more junk than we realize. We get things, they sit around, or they break down and then take up space. Heavy junk especially can take up space for weeks, months or years before it can be disposed of properly because the regular garbage collection can’t take it. If the garbage can’t take trash away, who can? You can.

    Dumpster rentals are unique solutions to the uncommon problem of cleaning house. Hiring private movers or cleaners can be expensive, but renting a dumpster to do it yourself is a cheap and effective way to not only get your garbage out of the way, but also to make sure it’s only trash you’re getting rid of and never something worth keeping. It gives the owner a level of control over what gets thrown out and how much of it they’re willing to part with that even pro-movers have a hard time understanding.

    We also service Kissimmee, Lakeland, Mulberry, Poinciana, Polk County and surroundings.

    Dumpster Rental in Orlando Florida

    Renting a Dumpster

    Overfill garage

    The common shared image of a dumpster is, understandably, a trashy one. It’s where trash goes. Everyone has seen one, or has one nearby. They’re not the leanest things around by nature. However, when you rent a dumpster from a professional waste management company, you get one that’s clean, sturdy and ready for anything. And they’re ready at any time they’re needed. If you are anticipating a big move, an estate cleaning or have a huge amount of junk that needs disposing of, you can rent a dumpster and it will arrive at your address.

    Most dumpster rental companies charge for multiple days at a time, or charge by the week. Arranging a whole house or so worth of junk to remove takes time and requires lots of care and planning.


    So you can expect renting a dumpster to cost by the week. And how much space do you get? It depends on the dumpster. These aren’t the ordinary dumpsters in alley ways that garbage trucks pick up. These are heavy duty trailers and tubs. Some even have a trailer hitch and wheels so you can take it from the delivery point to the place it needs to go and back again.

    Once the dumpster is delivered, it’s up to you to fill it, and you can fill it with anything at all. Even things the regular sanitation workers won’t take. This includes very heavy junk like furniture, metallic junk like spare car parts or siding, and electric junk like ruined or old appliances. Things that don’t go well in trash compactors will go well in a rented dumpster.

    We also service Kissimmee, Lakeland, Mulberry, Poinciana, Polk County and surroundings.


    Junk Removal Lakeland, Orlando, Kissimmee, Polk County

    Junk Removal Services

    Overfill garage

    If you are looking for junk removal Lakeland, trust Eco Waste. Let’s say renting a dumpster is just the first of your worries. Junk can be heavy, and chaotic. If left to pile up for too long it might even be dangerous. If you’re cleaning up a property, preparing an overstuffed estate for sale, or trying to help someone break a hoarding habit, you may need some help. Junk removal is a profession, and professionals sometimes need to be called in to assist.

    Hiring a junk removal service is like hiring professional movers who only take what you don’t want to keep and leave it somewhere you don’t have to see it again.

    This is not a replacement for a U-Haul or other moving company. Junk removal is specifically for junk, for anything extra and unwanted. You shouldn’t put anything in a dumpster that you don’t want to disappear. It’s also important to check with a company’s rules on what they can take, because while we will take your junk away, it still has to go somewhere. Many new junk removal companies are focusing on ecological solutions to where all the trash can go. As landfills continue to fill up with no long term solution, junk removal and waste management services now focus on recycling, redistributing and safe disposal methods for trash so you can be sure your junk will be safe with us.

    Orlando Dumpster Rental

    Local Services

    Overfill garage

    If you are looking for Orlando dumpster rental, give us a call to (407) 519-3969. Getting a dumpster delivered to your property and picked up from the same place is the big appeal of renting a dumpster. It saves gas from having to carry your junk from your home to a dump load after load, which can’t even be done for people without large, utility vehicles. So how far does the dumpster travel from its source to get to you? It depends on the rental service. Dumpster rentals can deliver across counties to nearby residents, but state-wide treks are too far. You’ll want to start local and branch out.

    We’re located in the Orlando area, for example, and service Orange, Osceola and Polk counties. The further the distance from Orange county, the higher the rates will be.


    The same is true for any junk removal service. Once the dumpster is delivered and once you fill it up, just call back and let them know it’s ready to be picked up. The rest will be handled without you having to do a thing. All the instructions are printed on the dumpster itself, or are easily found on a company website.

    You’ll want a local service more because local services, and independently owned ones, will be more used to the area. Chains or franchises have their own proprietary units that are identical across the country. What’s good for hauling junk in the desert isn’t necessarily good for junk that sits in the rain, or can last in humid environments. You want something rust-free and strong against the elements, and drainable in case of a sudden downpour so your dumpster doesn’t turn into a pool.

    We also service Kissimmee, Lakeland, Mulberry, Poinciana, Polk County and surroundings.

    Dumpster Rental Kissimmee Fl

    Hiring Waste Management Services

    Overfill garage

    Everyone has junk to deal with, which means everyone is a potential customer. Whether you’re going through an estate clearance, a major move-out, construction clean-up or any project where the junk has piled up too high for regular collectors, you should plan out the date when you will use the dumpster and plot out how much work it’s going to take to fill it up. Check online for dumpster sizes and rates, pick what works, load it up when it arrives and watch all your trash disappear when it drives away. Trust us for your Dumpster Rental Kissimmee Fl needs.

    We also service Orange County, Orlando, Lakeland, Mulberry, Poinciana, Polk County and surroundings.

    dumpster rental in orlando florida
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